Hear what graduates have to say

“I have benefited from all the social services this community has to offer. I’ve been homeless, in the battered women’s center, AA, welfare, everything. These agencies have taught me how to survive and I’m proud of that. But Clemente showed me that there is more than just survival, that I have a future just like anyone and I can do more than survive. So one day I’m going to be a lawyer.”

“Before Clemente, school and everything about education felt like prison. I felt so rejected all the time and couldn’t figure out how to get ahead without education, but I always failed. Now I know that those ideas, what education is about, isn’t owned by just schools or teachers. They can be mine too if I’m interested and if I work at it.”

“I never knew I even had a though process before I took this course.  I just reacted to everything.”

“It has changed my life.  I know for a fact now that I have the ability to continue.  It doesn’t seem as scary.  It helped me have the courage to get my son enrolled [in college] and the confidence that we could figure it out together and help him have courage.”

“It helped me find myself.  It also reminded me how healing education is.”

Clemente teaches altruism.  Most of us, when we come in, are on the needing end of everything.  We are down, have minimal resources, and feel pretty powerless. What we learn from Clemente is that we have something to give to our communities, and we want to do that.  It’s pretty empowering, and it changes how we see ourselves.”

“[It helped] everyone understand where morals come from come from, inspire people to read Shakespeare and teach them to pursue happiness in education.”

“The Clemente Course gave me the opportunity to do something for myself which gave me self worth.  It helped me realize there’s more out of life than what I have. The confidence I gained by educating myself directly affected my family.”

“It is a great course and I very much enjoyed it.  I have recommended humanities to everyone I know and it really has been helpful in my way of thinking. Thank you.”


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